You said “QR” ?


Today, I was thinking about all the new and cool stuff I learned watching Martin Weller´s “10 Digital Scholarship Lessons in 10 Videos” talk

One thing I learned and try to apply here is “Just start now” You probably have never heard about my blog. The reason is simple: I have created one and never really started blogging. So, I am giving it a try ! Thanks, Martin !

I wanted to talk about QR codes. It´s more a question that came to my mind after listening to  a conversation two friends of mine had about QR codes. They were not so sure whether these are really useful.

I think it´s nice to be able to point your phone at the code and immediately check the related info. It´s also really cool to generate a QR code, I did one with my details, in case you are still wondering 🙂

I am not so sure whether QR codes use could go beyond marketing: QR for educational purposes ? I can´t think of any concrete examples right now but maybe there are some good projects out there. I will have to research that but if in the meantime you have any ideas, feel free to share.

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3 Responses to You said “QR” ?

  1. Hey I remember the days of interactive videodiscs where you could read a manual with strategically placed bar codes, and when you scanned them they would jump you to an appropriate place in the videodisc. Early hyperlinking, sort of….

  2. erikduval says:

    I like the way QR codes make a connection between the ‘physical’/’analog’ and the ‘virtual’/’digital’ world: that kind of bridging is terribly useful. That said, it remains a very clunky way to activate a URL…

  3. PaulS says:

    QR comes into its own as a method of linking a time and place to related information (which may or may not be reached through a URL and web resource) through ubiquitous mobile technology. That’s a longwinded way of saying it lets you use a toy you have—your phone—to immediately show information about the artefact you’re standing in front of. It could be something as simple as the Latin name of a plant in a botanic garden through to a full blown encyclopaedia article with references, videos, links, etc.

    Of course this is not something that’s QR specific. Almost any Location Based tagging technology could allow the same linking to take place, but QR scanning is widely available on mobile devices, can have a significant amount of information embedded in the code itself (the plant name referred to above wouldn’t need a link to the net, it could be in the code), and is now becoming widely recognised as a “call to action”.

    I could go on (the last thing I wrote on the QR front ended up being about 250 pages), but I won’t.

    BTW, Erik, I bet I can scan a QR code and link to a web page with my mobile phone a lot faster than “clunky” typing a URL on your mobile phone. 🙂

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