Just do it – you know you want to !

A home for good ideas

So many things have been going on since the beginning of this month at work and during my travels for workshops and conferences. I guess I should start from there and make this space “a home for good ideas” again or at least try to.

Just do it – you know you want to ! That´s what Sheila said when I mentioned how bad I am with resuming blogging. I always thought I will manage to write on a regular basis but I am not really good at it, well at least I think so. Many of my friends thought I should go for an Radio show instead and I must say I am tempted (BTW DS106radio, I miss you!) . I believe the one cannot replace the other though.

So, watch this space and maybe you will be surprised to read some posts “with a whiff of academese” as there is no way around it if I want my future research plans to come true and do more academic writing. Martin Weller puts it very nicely “I don’t know how any academic writer functions without a blog”

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