With a little help from YOU!

Some of you will know what I am writing about here because you have received an email or a request “with a little help from you!”. But here is the full story for everyone else!

For more than a year now, I have been closely following  DISCUSS a Community of Practice for Lifelong Learning. At the end 2015 I was asked to think about how to bring more visibility to the community. What was personally important for me is to connect ideas and thoughts from experts my community and my network because I do believe that the lessons learned and the good practices do matter not only for improvement purposes but also to ignite some reflection on the topic beyond the theoretical underpinnings.

When I finally dared asking- yes it took me a long time to do so! I decided to ask some of you and sent an email. I tried to be as informative and concise as possible and asked for the following:

My Request

My idea is to get insights from you on CoPs based on your experience and stories. If you wish to help me with this one:

-Have a look at http://www.discuss-community.eu/ You can register with your Twitter or Facebook account

-Record an audio file (MP3 would be great) between 6 and 9 min answering the following
1. Introduce yourself
2. What is your experience with CoPs?
3. What do you think is the most relevant thing a CoP for lifelong learning should offer ? Why? (your experience and lessons learned are very welcome)

– Send me the recording which I would, with your permission post onto my audioboom channel and later embed on the DISCUSS homepage.

Any chance you can find time for this in your tight agenda in the coming days?
I must say I was amazed with how many of you immediately reacted and helped me out. Thank you again very much!
The series Reflections on Communities of Practice by YOU was born thanks to you.
So far, Ewen Le Borgne, Alan Levine, Sascha Foerster, Alastair Creelman have been so kind to send me audio files that I embedded on my AudioBoom Channel. I used my channel for practical reasons: files are easy to upload, I used the tool in the past to collect thoughts and ideas about learning and technology in general and it has a playlist function.
Here is the playlist where the order of appearance is from most recent to oldest posts received !
The list is growing and I am thrilled to receive more audio recordings ! Stay tuned!
A special thanks goes to my friend Inge de Waard who once again exceeded my expectations! Inge decided to go for the extra mile and offered the whole package: a blog post, a video and sharing on many channels social media. Thanks Inge! I am very grateful!
If you feel Reflections on Communities of Practice by YOU is something of interest, just let me know. I am only a tweet away !
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